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Our company provides premium exterior cladding on new and renovated projects.

Products we use:


Hardie Board



Get Hardieplank siding for the same price as vinyl!

If you’re thinking that it might be time to update the look of your home, choose James Hardie siding and trim installed by Curtis West Building Products. Hardie siding is hail resistant, non-combustible, and their ColorPlus factory finish ensures that your home looks great for decades after it’s installed.


James Hardie and Curtis West are teaming up to offer Edmonton 10% off your total on projects started and finished in 2019. 


Holyrood or Strathearn neighbourhood customers will receive their first 1,000 square feet of Hardie siding for the same price as vinyl!   


Call or go online today to schedule your free estimate!



​​Renovating the exterior of your house or building has many advantages.  It enhances curb appeal and helps protect your house from the elements.  Siding/cladding also increases energy efficiency.

We install your siding and offer an industry leading 2 years on labor and 5 years on envelope.








If you are a member of a condo board and looking for quotes to renovate your siding give us a call.  We provide free on-site quotes.  We will come to the condo at a time that works best for you.  The on-site quote is helpful to explain our process, how our company works, our warranties, and recommend a product to use.  You can email us or call to get started.



request a quote

Contact the owners through this request a quote form.  You will get a response within 24 hours from Brett or Jordan.

Submitting plans and documents is easy. Please use Dropbox or Google Drive to submit documents.

Success! Message received.

  • Should I use Hardie board or Vinyl siding?
    Curtis West will recommend a specific product for your project. Contact us to schedule a quote so we can show you all your options. Some things to think about when choosing Hardie Board or Vinyl siding are durability, insulation, maintenance and style. Curtis West has been installing Hardie Board for over 30 years. It is durable, eco-friendly, thick and comes in a variety of styles and colors. Curtis West installs vinyl siding on many projects. Vinyl siding is cost effective, easy to maintain and clean and light. Read more about the pros and cons of each product.
  • What products do you offer?
    Easy panel/Trim AL 13 Long Board Sagiper siding Hardie Board Vinyl siding Nichiha siding Slate clad siding
  • Can you install in the winter?
    Yes we can. We install all year round. Each season has different aspects of the project to consider.
  • What kind of warranty do you offer?
    What is the envelope warranty? Envelope warranty means paper/tyvec and flashings (drip caps and reverse drip caps). 5 years is envelope warranty. What is standard labour warranty? Labour includes everything in the house that Curtis West installed. Our customers don't have to worry about what they pay us for as it is under warranty. 2 years for labour warranty What is not covered under the warranty? Severe weather damage, extreme heat siding, BBQ melting the siding, extreme heat through window. Hail damage. Wind over 60 km/h damaging the siding.
  • What should I expect once I hire Curtis West?
    When you hire Curtis West we will walk you through the below steps. Step 1: Consultation and acceptance of quote. This includes design tips and recommendations for your project. Step 2: Choose colors and finalize design Step 3: Decide on a start date. Step 4: Material delivered, first walk through and first payment due. The first walk through means that Curtis West will take you around the building/house and explain elements of the project. We will let you know how set up will go, where material will be delivered. We will also introduce you to the installer, explain the timeline and answer questions. 5: Installation Timing for the installation of the project depends on size and material. 6: Final Walk around, clean up and final payment due.
  • How long will a regular house take?
    This depends on size of the house and materials that are chosen. Curtis West can typically complete a new home project within 2 weeks.
  • How do I get started building a new home with Curtis West
    When you call Curtis West you will be connected with one of the owners, Brett or Jordan. They will ask you if you have a community selected, what style of house you like and your timeline. We will work with you to determine the specifications of your new home build and provide you a quote.
  • Do you have set home designs?
    All of our new home builds are custom. We do not provide set home designs as your house should be as unique as you. We know you don't want a cookie-cutter house so we don't provide home designs. Curtis West builds new homes as a custom project which means that we don't charge our customers for upgrades like many other companies.
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